Supervisor and Manager Effectiveness Programs

Strengthen your leaders so they can help you build the future of your company
The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Whether you are a business owner who needs to hire the right leaders to grow your company or a manager ready to train existing members of your team, there is no greater responsibility than nurturing and developing potential around you.
It will also help you become better at identifying and hiring the right talent for your company. These valuable lessons from an expert leadership trainer and coach will save you time, energy, frustration, and money.

Coaching and Training Program for Managers

This coaching training program will teach you the GROW coaching framework and enable you to bring out the highest possibilities in others so they can give their best to the organization. Exceptionally rigorous, hands-on, and flexible methodology, our program is facilitated by a certified brain-based and executive coach in the profession.
Delve into the process of becoming a successful leader, respond to the toughest problems, establish clarity in your thinking and find your unique purpose, develop habits, motivate your people, and have a vision for your goals.
Learn how to effectively do the following through this program:
  • The Leader as the Mentor
  • The Science and the Art of Coaching
  • Understand the GROW and Point of You Framework as a way to structure a coaching conversation or coaching session
  • Practice coaching skills
  • Develop strategies to enhance your company’s coaching culture

Millennial Management Program: Hiring, Managing, Developing, and Retaining Millennials in the 21st Century

According to experts, baby boomers are retiring, and millennials offer a wealth of much-needed talent to fill in positions. As companies begin ushering in the new generation of applicants, they are now forced to rethink how they do business – particularly, how they manage their new tech-savvy, plugged-in batch of new employees.
Millennials share a generational personality that is often misunderstood by preceding generations. Their motivation is often misunderstood as impatience and their enthusiasm as narcissism. For millennials to effectively add value to the company, their managers and direct heads need to understand their generational footprint.
Upon completion of this program, you will know the following:
  • What makes a leader?
  • Situation Styles of Leadership
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Performance Management
  • Team & Employee Engagement
  • Talent Management and Success Management
  • Developing a Nurturing Culture

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