Strategy & Planning Workshops

Establish priorities, take action, allocate resources, and create a game plan towards success
In the advent of rapid business growth, and frenzy of daily demands, some organizations stray from what’s important and lose the leverage to achieve company’s goals.
Is your company in a rut and having difficulty bringing the whole team together? Or are you a new organization with fragmented goals? These series of facilitated strategic planning workshops will provide the framework to help you identify your company’s vision and prioritize initiatives to bring your company forward.

Business Planning and Strategic Execution Workshop

This seminar series will provide a holistic framework in Strategic Business Planning aimed to develop understanding of the current competitive business environment and create spot-on strategic business plans.
As an entrepreneur, establishing a sound and effective plan for your business will not only ensure that you are financially viable but also prepared in times of crisis. Having a solid and sound operational plan will help you determine the main purpose of your business, your product and customers, and be certain that you and the entire organization are striving towards the same vision.
Upon completion of this program, you will have the knowledge to execute a clear analyzation of the following:
  • SWOT Analysis (What our stakeholders are saying?)
  • Strategic Opportunities & Big Bets
  • Review of Organization & Capabilities
  • Mission & Vision Revisit
  • North Star & 3-year Battle Cry

Succession and Talent Management for Future Business Success

Today, most entrepreneurs limit their focus in driving long-term business growth. However, according to research, managers who engage their workforce eventually bring in the desired business results. This change in management style can improve profitability, productivity, efficiency and customer experience that drives the company towards progress, long term viability, and investor value.
Upon completion of the program, you will enhance your leadership capabilities in communication, coaching styles, structuring the organization, developing a succession plan, and motivating the entire company.

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