Personal & Team Effectiveness Training Programs

How do you get the best from yourself and others?
People need training and support throughout their careers, both as individuals and as teams, to develop their skills and continue to work effectively. In order to seamlessly achieve this, you as the person-in-charge, should also be at your best.
Explore you and your workforce’s strengths and weaknesses through a rigorous assessment workshop which uncovers common teamworking problems. Learn how to find solutions in certain situations, create a unique team culture, and discover new team management techniques to help in the improvement and development of your entire workforce.

Developing EQ and Teamwork in the Workplace

“Attitude not your Aptitude will determine your Altitude”
Emotionally intelligent teams are better at conflict resolution, collaboration, self-awareness and emotional management, and understanding each of their colleague’s roles and responsibilities. This helps create resonance and can work with their strengths, moving them into emotionally-positive directions.
Through this training, you will learn to take control of certain situations, your reaction towards it, and be able to set realistic goals and have the confidence to achieve them. You will learn to take charge of your old habits and make strides towards becoming your ideal self. As you become emotionally intelligent, you will discover the secrets of understanding and empathizing with others and creating sincere connection and communication – which can lead to real cooperation and achievement for yourself and your colleagues.
Upon completion of your training, you will be effective in:
  • EQ Self-assessment
  • Personality and Communication Style Assessment
  • Self-awareness and Management
  • Emotion Regulations and Empathy
  • Social-awareness and Relationships
  • Stress Management and Personal Effectiveness
  • Developing the Leader Within You
  • Qualities of an Effective Team
  • Team Norming Activity

Enhancing Customer Connections Through Problem-solving & Decision-making Techniques

Experts suggest that it’s more expensive to win a new customer than to retain one. The interactions and relationships developed in every great customer service experience will not only help you win a sale; it will also create a band of loyal customers that ensure repeat business in the future.
With the growing role of technology in artificial intelligence, social and digital marketing, and quality management, positive customer connections can translate to an incredible unfair advantage to the company versus its competitors. That’s why proper customer service training can help deliver a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty.
Upon completion of this training, you will learn to:
  • Develop EQ and Personality
  • Profile Customer Personas
  • Best Practices in Customer Service
  • Customer Problem-solving Techniques
  • Create a Customer-centric Culture in the Organization

Personal Finance 101

Balancing the need to manage working capital is a major necessity for entrepreneurs today as well as driving business growth through various investment opportunities. Gain a more integrated perspective of managing your business by understanding the financial tools and techniques and their application to various business situations, stage and cycle. The program’s structured approach is appropriate for professionals with varying levels of familiarity with financial management concepts and processes.
The participants will experience financial management processes and practice effective management skills through various examples, exercises, modelling, and participative discussion method of learning. Participants will be trained in financial analysis and problem solving as applied in business.

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