Management Development Training

Develop and refine the skills you need to manage people
To become a Real success as a manager— it is imperative to RELATE to others better. Adding value to people, recognizing and building leadership potential, and applying teamwork laws are some of the ways to EQUIP your team for them to achieve their full potential. Improving your ATTITUDE through daily practices, understanding how it affects you and those around you, and adopting a positive behaviour is key to overcome challenges. LEADING others successfully and influencing them from the heart is what accomplished leaders to do remain at the top.

Transition to Management Program

Most companies find themselves promoting supervisors and managers who are experts and possess good technical skills but have gaps in business acumen and management knowledge, people management, and even creative thinking and problem-solving skills therefore limiting their contributions and effectiveness in their new role.
This program will accelerate the participant’s learning in all the essential cross-functional skills and gain knowledge in management, marketing, operations, finance, strategy, industry analysis, and business models.

Management Leadership Acceleration Program

Take a comprehensive step-by-step guide in mastering various functional skills taught in business schools. The Management Leadership Acceleration Program will enable participants to get answers on how to manage the various challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.
It is a leader development experience designed to equip managers with new perspectives, practical tools, and recognized practices. Have a renewed passion in leadership during the training, learn from seasoned leadership experts, and return to your office ready to implement your new action plan. Participants will also be provided with The Ten-Day MBA eBook which includes the latest topics from strategy, business models, financial planning, to leadership and human capital management. It includes materials, exercises and cases giving the participants the tools they need to get ahead in business and in life.

John Maxwell Team Training Series

“Experience alone isn’t a good enough teacher—evaluated experience is. As the leader, you need to evaluate what looks like a win to make sure it is actually teaching what your employee needs to learn in order to grow and develop.” – John Maxwell, Founder of The John Maxwell Team
Take advantage of 40+ years of proven leadership curriculum that has helped business owners, executives, and managers around the world. This program will equip you with valuable leadership framework, tools and personal reflection so you can be the effective, influential and inspiring leader you intend to be. Empower your colleagues and add value to others for them to become top leaders and maximize their full potential.
This training series is comprised of:
  • Leadership Gold and 21 Laws of Leadership
  • Coaching: Great Leaders Ask Great Questions
  • Situation Styles of Leadership and the Leadership Game
  • Laws of Growth: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
  • How to Be A REAL Success as A Person
  • The 15 Laws of Growth
  • Communication & Connecting with People
  • Becoming A Person of Influence
  • Personal Effectiveness: Today Matters
  • Intentional Living & Putting Your Dreams to the Test
  • Self-Mastery: Developing the Leader Within You
  • Leadership Legacy: Developing the Leaders Around You

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