For Employees

As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever! Mustard Seed Academy’s specialized programs for the modern workforce is more expansive and focuses more on employee growth and future performance that can impact the success of any organization.
Enrolling yourself in these workshops will help improve your drive at work, engagement, productivity speed, and competency. Businesses can also experience profit growth, reduced employee turnover, and deeper talent succession pipelines through their well-trained staff.
Here are the following trainings that best fit employees like you:

Personal & Team Effectiveness Training Programs

This training program includes EQ and teamwork development, decision-making and problem-solving techniques to enhance customer experience, and personal finance.

Supervisor and Manager Effectiveness Programs

Improve your interpersonal skills by learning new methods in coaching and training and hiring, managing, developing, and retaining millennials in the 21st century.

Management Development Training

Accelerate your learning in all the essential cross-functional skills and gain knowledge in management leadership, effective transition to power, and take advantage of the John Maxwell Team Training Series.
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