This final set of CompTIA exams are all about the management side of the IT business. These certifications take you to a new level in managing projects, teaching and training staff, and understanding how IT, and especially Cloud computing, fit into overall business operations.

CompTIA Project+

Even smaller IT projects can be complicated to manage. You have a lot of moving parts, and sometimes it feels like herding cats. This certification will prove your worth as a project manager for small to medium-sized projects. The exam will test your skills in handling the entire project lifecycle, communicating with stakeholders and producing various project documents.


This exam demonstrates your knowledge and skills as an instructor/trainer in the industry. Being an effective communicator is more than just standing up in front of a classroom. This certification is proof that you can plan interesting lesson structures and design effective testing strategies. Having this certification also shows you understand which tools to use to be an effective communicator both off and online. The three exams cover the fundamentals, as well as both classroom and virtual teaching.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Cloud computing is now a firm part of the modern enterprise. So much so, that understanding the application of Cloud computing and Cloud apps have moved out of the IT department and into the wider organization. This certification is for business users who wish to understand the role of Cloud computing in their organization. The certification also stresses the importance of understanding the risks involved when using Cloud computing to store and share sensitive data.

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