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Get Certified Faster Through the CompTIA Career Pathway

There are various opportunities in the IT industry. However, choosing what’s best for you can be a tough choice. CompTIA offers a step-by-step career guide to help you better understand which certifications can help you reach the next level of your profession. CompTIA’s Career Pathway introduces a comprehensive and cost-effective way for you to move ahead and get certified.
If you want to validate your IT skills and fully assess your knowledge, the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway and CompTIA CyberSecurity Career Pathway can help.
If you are just starting your IT career, a fresh grad, or want to spearhead your promotion, the CompTIA Core Skills Certification can lay the groundwork for your future. Additional Certifications act as supplement to the technical work you’re currently doing with professional skills that will enable you to take on new challenges.
The CompTIA Career Pathway can serve as your guide, but it doesn’t mean that you need to take each certification in this order. You can have the freedom to jump in whatever course you think that may be in line with your IT position now. Some pros choose to start with CompTIA A+ and work their way through core skills before following their chosen pathway – some even start at the most advanced level and go back to get CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+. Each certification has recommended experience levels; therefore, you should choose the one that fits your IT proficiency.
You can decide which certification is right for you ANYTIME. To get a better idea of what’s covered by each exam, you can download the practice questions and exam objectives or sign up for a FREE trial of CompTIA CertMaster to gauge your skills.

CompTIA Core Skills Certifications

If you simply need a refresher, the following certifications can help you form your foundational skills needed by all IT professionals worldwide.
These can set the baseline of knowledge to level the playing field across IT. This will cover topics like operating systems, hardware, networking and more which can be applied to every IT discipline.

CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

IT infrastructure is the solid foundation of IT operations and is vital for any business to function. For years, employers have used the following CompTIA certifications to distinguish IT experts who can support and manage data centers and network operations.
Here are the modules under the CompTIA Infrastructure Certification Program to deepen your mastery of skills and broaden the number of Infrastructure roles in which you can contribute:

CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway

The increase in cyberattacks in this modern age has resulted in the increase of demand in skilled cybersecurity professionals at a rapid pace. This has forced IT professionals everywhere to nurture their practical and hands-on skills to keep up with the times.
The following CompTIA CyberSecurity Modules will help technical specialists achieve cybersecurity mastery – from beginning to end.

CompTIA Additional Certifications

In addition to the specialized skills validated along the CompTIA career pathways, IT pros can benefit from additional skills, like project management or instruction. Here are the following modules to cover the versatility of any additional IT skillsets that you might need:
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